C/S Analyzer CS-2000 From ELTRA

ELTRA offers CS-2000 analyzer which comes with an induction furnace and a resistance furnace for simultaneous and precise determination of sulfur and carbon in both organic and inorganic samples. Typical sample materials include iron, steel, sand, ashes, refractory metals, copper, alloys, titanium, coal, coke, glass, ores, oil, cement, lime, leaves, ceramics, tobacco, soils, gypsum, rubber, cast iron, and waste.

The analyzer uses solid state infrared absorption method. Optional accessories such as carrier gas purification, Autoloader, HTF-540 pre-heating furnace, Halogen trap and voltage stabilizer 5 kVA are available. The CS-2000 analyzer are used in agriculture, pharmaceuticals, metallurgy, construction materials, power plant, electronics, and geology applications.  

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