GP2 Versatile Field Data Logger

Delta-T Devices offers the GP2, a new robust 12 channel data logger designed to log a variety of sensors and accept inputs such as frequency, counter, bridge, potentiometer, current, resistance, voltage, and digital state inputs.

The versatile yet easy to use data logger is offered with optional lids that are equipped with wider diameter cable entry points, dedicated profile probe inputs, and additional cable entry points.

The GP2 can be used with all Delta-T sensors and all its analog inputs are fully customizable.

The reliable data logger offers four input ranges down to microvolt resolution with configurable sensor excitation, superior analog accuracy and adaptive auto-ranging, thus supporting almost all analog sensors.

DeltaLINK software facilitates logging sequence configurations and enables control over sensor type, reading frequency, units, thresholds, and much more.

Moreover, it offers statistical recording options for maximum, minimum, average, standard deviation, and much more. The menu allows the selection of all Delta-T sensors. Delta-T Devices also provides complete systems consisting of enclosures, sensors, solar power and communication options.

Key Features

The following are the key features of the GP2 12 Channel Data Logger:

  • 12 differential channels
  • High performance microvolt sensitivity
  • SDI-12 enabled
  • Easy set up
  • Flexible configuration
  • SDI-12 enabled
  • Versatile communication options


The GP2 Data Logger is used in the following industrial, agricultural, and environmental applications:

  • Horticulture
  • Ecology
  • Field Trials
  • Eco-Physiology
  • Amenity Landscaping
  • Turf and Gardens
  • Agriculture.

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