GP1 Soil Moisture Data Logger

Delta-T Devices offers GP1 Data Logger, a complete logging solution with an internal memory capable of storing more than 600,000 readings. The battery-powered equipment is placed inside an IP67 enclosure.

Key Features

The following are the key features of the GP1 Data Logger:

  • Two temperature channels
  • Two pulse counters
  • Smart relay control
  • Two differential analogue voltages
  • Optional GP-PBA-X50 Precision Bridge Adapter.

The optional GP-PBA-X50 Precision Bridge Adapter allows the GP1 Data Logger to serve as a one- or two-channel tensiometer logger.

When integrated to SM300 or SM150 Soil Moisture Sensors, one or two ThetaProbes, the compact data logger provides high-precision measurements of moisture content, temperature and rain fall at a very low cost possible.

With two high-resolution differential analog channels (0 to 2.5V), the powerful general purpose data logger enables the ThetaProbe to achieve high degree of accuracy over its full operating range.

DeltaLINK Software enables the GP1 Data Logger to directly control irrigation from the soil moisture (and/or rainfall and/or temperature) or to serve as an advanced interface between sensors and different types of programmable timer.

It is possible to separately configure Start and Stop control levels and there is an option to pulse the output in order to match the water application rate to the infiltration capacity of the soil.

The standard GP1 program supports:

  • Up to 2 x SM150 Sensors
  • Up to 2 x SM300 Sensors
  • WET Sensor interface
  • Precision 5V sensor excitation
  • kHz frequency measurement.


The following are the applications of the GP1 Data Logger:

  • Soil Science
  • Turf and Gardens
  • Plant Physiology
  • Climate Research and Meteorology
  • Agronomy
  • Agriculture
  • Horticulture
  • Amenity Landscaping.

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