AS-300 Hall Flowmeter and Bulk Density Apparatus for Free-flowing Metallic Powders

The AS-300 Hall Flowmeter (Funnel) supplied by AimSizer Scientific determines flow rate and apparent density of free-flowing metallic powders and other fine powders in a variety of particle size distributions with calibrated a hall flowmeter funnel as per international standards:

  • ASTM B213 Standard Test Method for Flow Rate of Metal Powders
  • ASTM B212 Standard Test Method for Apparent Density of Free Flowing Metal Powders Using the Hall Flowmeter Funnel
  • ISO 4490 Metallic powders - Determination of flow rate by means of a calibrated funnel (Hall Flowmeter)
  • MPIF No.4 Std. 04—Apparent Density of Free-Flowing Metal Powders Using the Hall Apparatus
  • ISO No. 3923-1 Metallic powders - Determination of apparent density - Part 1 Funnel method
  • MPIF No.3

The AS-300 also determines the apparent density of non-free-flowing powers with a Carney funnel according to international standards.


The AS-300 Hall Flowmeter includes the following apparatus:

  • Powder Hall flowmeter funnel/calibrated flowmeter funnel
  • Stand and horizontal vibration-free base
  • Density cup/cylindrical cup
  • Timing device/stopwatch
  • Chinese emery grit
  • Carney funnel
  • Balance
  • Spatula
  • Wire


The applications of the AS-300 Hall Flowmeter include:

  • Pharmaceutical powders
  • Metallic powders
  • Food powders
  • Ceramic powders
  • Cement powders
  • Plastic powders
  • Rubber powders

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