Hand-Held Raman for Safety Applications - TacticID® GP

The TacticID GP is suitable for multiple safety applications, such as identifying hazardous materials, cutting agents, precursors, bomb squads, military personnel and the like. The TacticID-GP has a standard comprehensive library of more than 5000 materials.

Also it offers users the capability of developing their own specific user libraries directly on the instrument so as to constantly remain ahead of emerging narcotics and other substances. On validation, regular library and software updates are sent.

Key Features

The key features of the Raman hand-held TacticID GP are:

  • Customized Libraries – It is possible to add library items quickly and conveniently to be alert and stay one step ahead of emerging threats.
  • Advanced chemometric mixture analysis – Highly sophisticated algorithms offer the most advanced complex mixture results in the industry.
  • High Definition Touch Screen - Ultra crisp HD display with touch screen capability for text inputs and on-the-spot notes.
  • Designed for Safety - Scan delay up to 120s and laser power adjustable from 10-100%.
  • Remote Tablet Operation - Optional tablet computer accessory for remote operation
  • Ease of Use – Developed for technical and non-technical users alike, featuring simple, easy to understand menus and commands
  • Non-Contact Analysis – Safety of the user is improved by scanning directly through plastics, bottles and other translucent packaging materials
  • Flexible Sampling - Optimized for analyzing gels, liquids, powders and solids through various package types
  • Rugged - Dust proof and splash resistant for field environments


The applications of the Raman hand-held TacticID GP are:

  • Analysis of unknown powders, liquids and gels
  • Identification of toxic solvent and bio-warfare agents
  • Non-destructive narcotic drug identification
  • Identification of mixed and diluted materials
  • Verification and identification of pharmaceutical drugs
  • Identification of binding agents and explosive materials

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