Shear Cell Modules for Powder Rheometer by Freeman Technology

The three sizes of Freeman Technology Shear Cell modules for the FT4 Powder Rheometer allow the shear properties of powders to be measured. Using a shear cell on the high-specification FT4 platform allows the automatic generation of accurate and reproducible shear information which complements the dynamic flow date.

Freeman shear cells
The FT4’s high-specification hardware platform combined with the precise control and extensive analysis capabilities of its software, have allowed the design of a highly sensitive, reproducible and fully automated shear measurement system. Shear strength in both consolidated and unconsolidated samples can be measured.

The Freeman shear cells offer:

  • Fast, automated operation
  • Independence from the operator
  • High reproducibility
  • Sample conditioning before test
  • Three sizes of shear cells - 85ml, 10ml and 1ml sample size
  • Testing of unconsolidated powder
  • Small sample volume - down to 1ml
  • Sophisticated data analysis
  • Comprehensive data plotting and formatting
  • Force control and position control modes available
  • Precision measurement of axial and rotational position
  • Hopper design methodology and software

Fully automated testing

The Freeman shear cell accessory is delivered with a library of testing programs. To perform a test the user simply selects the required program, loads and prepares the sample and then clicks 'run'.

The following stages are fully automated:

  • The standard Freeman conditioning cycle prepares the sample for testing
  • In a 'pre-shear' stage, the powder bed is sheared in order to maximise the major principal stress
  • For powder characterisation, a single series of tests at a particular pre-consolidation stress may be sufficient. For example, a powder may be pre-consolidated to 9kPa and then sheared at 7, 6, 5,4 and 3kPa with pre-consolidation to 9kPa between each test
  • More comprehensive, multi-stage testing to produce a range of yield loci corresponding to different pre-consolidation stress levels. Usually a given sample will be suitable for repeated shear testing to obtain the required set of yield loci. In this case the entire evaluation is automated.

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