Non-Invasive, Remote, Infra-Red Temperature Sensors

CampBell Scientific's IR-100 and IR-120 sensors provide highly accurate measurements of a remote surface’s temperature by sensing the infrared radiation the surface emits. During measurements the target is not affected.

This makes the sensors suitable for determining spatial average temperatures for roads and other hard surfaces and for leaf and tree canopy studies where the use of invasive sensors can prove to be both difficult and expensive. The IR-100 and IR-120 sensors can also be used to determine the temperature of water, snow or soil.

The IR100 sensor exhibits an output signal of 5 mV per °C and a field of view with a half angle of 4.5°, while the IR-120 sensor has a larger output signal of 20 mV per °C and a wider field of view with a half angle of 20°. Both models are integrated with an amplifier that provides superior noise immunity. Also, a built-in calibrated thermistor located behind the main thermopile offers a reference body temperature.

For long term external usage, both sensors can be mounted into a uniquely designed camera housing or can be accommodated inside an adapted data logger enclosure with IR transmissive window. These devices can be used with the CR800, CR1000 and CR3000 data loggers or other loggers that provide a suitable reverse excitation.


  • Used in crop water stress index (CWSI) monitoring
  • Used to measure the leaf-to-air gradient
  • Suitable for measuring surface temperature of water, snow, solid, roads and runways

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