Laser Autofocus System – For use with Semiconductor Wafers and Hard Disc Drive Platens

The LF210 Laser Autofocus system from Prior Scientific can be used with a variety of reflective samples, including hard disc drive platens and semiconductor wafers. Shooting a laser beam on the surface under analysis will allow the system to maintain optimum focus on the specimen at high magnifications, even while moving the sample or the stage.

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Key Features

  • Wide choice of mounting flanges to fit into specific microscopes
  • User-selectable sport or line laser modes enable the system to be used for all scanning modes and sample types
  • A piezo focusing stage or a stepper motor focus drive can be controlled through a 0-10 v output
  • The LF210 is the most stable laser focus unit available on the market, as it features the modulated laser diode
  • Provides rapid and accurate autofocusing for reflective samples
  • LF100K keypad for standalone operations
  • It is a more stable and sensitive system, as it includes various refinements and is developed from the LF100, an industry benchmark.

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