Advanced-Electrolyte Planar Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (SOFC) – The NextCell

The NextCell is a modern electrolyte supported planar cell, created by the experts at fuelcellmaterials. Its performance is better than basic YSZ electrolyte supported cells. It can provide results that are comparable to those gained with an anode supported cell.

The performance of the NextCell is made possible with the use of the company’s patented HionicTM electrolyte support, which is over four times stronger than conventional fully stabilized electrolytes. It also offers superior conductivity. Handling and sealing capabilities can be met with ease due to the integration of high conductivity and high strength.

The NextCell is built according to industry standards, so it is a suitable reference cell for test or seal capability development. It is compatible with a majority of test fixtures, making it easy to incorporate into customer's own testing. It can also be adopted for use with the test kits produced by fuelcellmaterials.

The NextCell-based cells are available as 'anode only or 'cathode only', offering a consistent platform. The company offers a variety of NextCell sizes.

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Key Features

  • Multi-layered anode with nominal thickness of 50 µm
  • Scandia based HionicTM substrate with nominal thickness of 150 µm
  • NiO/GDC - NiO/YSZ anode for superior performance
  • LSM-GDC compatible inner cathode layer
  • Multi-layered cathode with nominal thickness of 50 µm

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