Turnkey Test Kits for Planar Solid Oxide Fuel Cells (SOFCs)

Three types of Planar Cell Test Manifold Kits are available from fuelcellmaterials to handle large electrolyte or anode supported SOFC testing. The kits are designed to provide a very effective solution to test individual planar solid oxide fuel cells.

All of the kits are equipped with the appropriate items required to operate five tests, using NextCells from fuelcellmaterials. Both long- and short-term experiments can be handled by the kits to measure properties including thermal gradients, fuel utilization, longevity/degradation, and red-ox cycling.

A customized furnace for planar test fixtures is offered to work with compression seals that have fuelcellmaterials' planar SOFC test fixtures. The furnace is provided with a modifiable mechanical loading system to apply the correct load for testing samples.

The SOFC planar test system from fuelcellmaterials provides an integrated turnkey solid oxide fuel cell system. Manifold kits, specific to the customer's preference, are provided with a customized furnace and test stand. The customer will be able to focus fully on the SOFC research and not be distracted by the equipment needed to undertake it.

The ProboStat™ is a cell and sample fixture for measurements of electrical and electrochemical properties, kinetics of materials, and transport parameters, under controlled atmospheres at temperatures up to 1600°C. It is an economical and industry proven alternative to customers developing and constructing their own test fixture, and it can provide reproducible and repeatable results.

The support team at fuelcellmaterials is available to help with basic installation and complex testing via on-site training and video conferencing. The standalone unit can be easily integrated into existing equipment or with a full test station unit. All ProboStatTM products are offered with complimentary YSZ substrates and NextCells for installation and testing practice.

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Key Features

  • Robust testing equipment to speed up research activities
  • Compression system offers a gas tight seal for all fuel cell testing needs
  • Integrated turnkey solid fuel cell system is provided for comprehensive button cell testing
  • Full focus on SOFC research is possible
  • Saves time, and is versatile
  • Customer's choice of test stand and customized furnace


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