AXIS Supra Leading Surface Analysis using XPS

The AXIS Supra™ from Kratos Analytical is an X-ray photoelectron spectrometer (XPS) used for materials surface characterization.

The AXIS Supra is a high performance X-Ray photoelectron spectrophotometer, with unrivalled sensitivity and energy resolution. Key attributes include easy detection of light elements, excellent signal/noise and fast data acquisition. Lateral distribution of elements and chemical states can be determined by fast parallel imaging.

It is possible to complement XPS spectroscopy and imaging results with additional surface analysis techniques such as: ion scattering spectroscopy (ISS), secondary electron microscopy (SEM) and Schottky field emission scanning Auger microscopy (SAM); and ultraviolet photoemission spectroscopy (UPS). These complementary techniques ensure that the AXIS Supra, Kratos’ flagship X-ray photoelectron spectrometer, is an invaluable tool for materials characterisation.

Automated Sample Handling Meets High Performance

The AXIS Supra™ is based on established AXIS technology comprising: co-axial, electron-only, charge neutralization; magnetic and electrostatic transfer lenses; hemispherical, electron energy analyzers; and spherical mirror. Innovations such as the delay-line detector for imaging and spectroscopy modes were developed by Kratos, and motorized, high energy, X-ray excitation sources guarantee that the AXIS Supra has the potential to perform in the most demanding research and development environments.

To ensure maximum sample throughput, up to 3 sample holders may be placed on the Felxi-lock sample magazine.  An optical image is acquired of each sample holder during the automated ‘pump cycle’ from which the sample analysis positions are identified.  Acquisition methods are chosen defining all aspects of data acquisition, from simple automated spectroscopy to more complex sputter depth profiles or non-destructive depth profiling by angle resolved XPS.  For samples which require more complex examination the AXIS Supra can be operated interactively using the optical microscope in the analysis chamber and high resolution parallel imaging to identify areas of interest.

Complete automation sets the AXIS Supra apart from other X-ray photoelectron spectrometers.  Unattended sample transfer and exchange during analysis is realised through coordination of the Flexi-lock sample magazine and autostage in the sample analysis chamber.  This ensures high sample throughput and increased return on investment.  This automation extends to data interpretation with auto-peak ID integrated into the ESCApe processing software.  

Capabilities of the AXIS Supra

Large area, high sensitivity

The AXIS Supra is first and foremost a high performance X-ray photoelectron spectrometer.  Efficient collection of photoelectrons by the magnetic and electrostatic lenses combined with a high transmission energy analyser ensures that the AXIS Supra has unrivalled sensitivity and resolution.  Spectra can be collected in traditional scanned mode or fast unscanned snap-shot mode for spectral acquisition in less than a second.

High energy resolution afforded in spectroscopy mode ensures unambiguous identification of chemical shifts.  Performance is guaranteed on both conducting and more challenging insulating samples, where the use of the charge neutraliser becomes necessary.

Small-spot, selected area spectroscopy

Selected area spectra can be acquired after locating an point of interest on the sample from areas as small as 15um diameter.  Key attributes of this mode of analysis includes; pre-defined small spot analysis areas, optimise x-ray illumination for selected area and click and analyse multipoint spectroscopy without sample movement.

Fast parallel imaging

The fast parallel imaging mode allows the visualisation of elemental or chemical state distribution at the surface.  This approach can be extended to quantitative imaging whereby the amount of chemical functionality can be reported.  Combining parallel imaging with stage movements allows high spatial resolution images to be acquired over areas of several millimetres.  

Below the surface

Analysis is not limited to the ‘as introduced’ surface as the AXIS Supra can be equipped with a high flux Ar+ ion source or an Arn+ gas cluster ion source (GCIS) for sputter depth profiling.  Both ion sources are fully integrated and controlled through the ESCApe software, including gas handling.  The GCIS is as close to a universal ion source as is currently available, facilitating depth profiling through, organic, inorganic and metallic samples whilst retaining chemistry.  

Summary overview

The AXIS Supra offers the highest level of automation combined with the flexibility to add complementary sample preparation and surface analysis techniques.  

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