Waste Management – Large Controlled Air Incinerator

The I8-250 model from INCINER8 is a large scale incinerator. This controlled air incinerator provides optimal combustion conditions for varied waste types.

The model’s top loading design provides liquid retention that makes this incinerator suitable for incineration of a wide range of waste types. The I8-250 model obtains benefits from a secondary chamber with afterburner for the re-burn of harmful emissions with a 2 second retention time

Emission Data

Average emissions/EU standards On basic incinerators (with secondary chamber)

Parameter Limits (1/2 hr av) Measured
Total dust 30 mg/m3 12 mg/m3
Sulphur dioxide 200 mg/m3 2,4 mg/m3
Nitrogen dioxide* 400 mg/m3 60 mg/m3
Carbon monoxide 100 mg/m3 78,3 mg/m3


Typical General Waste Applications

  • < 1500 People communities
  • Industrial waste < 2000 kg day
  • Universities
  • Remote housing
  • Bigger camps

Additional Information


  • Platform mounted

  • Shelter

  • Containerized


  • Heat exchanger

  • Venturi scrubber

  • Pollution control systems



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