Industrial Controlled Air Incinerator – Waste Management

The I8-1000 model is Inciner8’s largest incinerator.

It is a controlled air incinerator, offering ideal combustion conditions for a variety of waste types. Its top-loading design offers liquid retention, making this incinerator optimal for incineration of a number of different waste streams.

Emission Data

Average emissions / EU standards on basic incinerators (with secondary chamber)

Parameter Limits (1/2 hour av) Measured
Total dust 30 mg/m3 12 mg/m3
Sulfur dioxide 200 mg/m3 2,4 mg/m3
Nitrogen dioxide* 400 mg/m3 60 mg/m3
Carbon monoxide 100 mg/m3 78,3 mg/m3

Typical General Waste Applications

  • Remote housing
  • Industrial waste < 8000 kg day
  • < 5000 people communities
  • Bigger camps
  • Universities

Additional Information


  • Platform mounted

  • Shelter

  • Containerized


  • Heat exchanger

  • Venturi scrubber

  • Pollution control systems

Technical Specifications

Operational Specifications
Combustion Chamber Volume (m3) 8.7 m3
Burn Rate* up to 600 kg per hour
Average Fuel Consumption 40 - 50 ltrs p/h
Operational Temperature > 850 °C
Gas Retention in Secondary Chamber 2 secs
Temperature Monitoring Yes
Average ash residue (%) 3%
Thermostatic Device Yes


Physical Specifications
External Length (mm) 6540 mm
External Width (mm) 1840 mm
External Height (mm) 6260 mm
Door Size (mm) 4000 x 1500
Shipping Weight 21500 kg


For reference only, not to be used for installation purposes. * All burn rates are dependant on the calorific value of the waste being incinerate. Atmospheric conditions,fuel (gas/oil) quality, additonal accessories (autoloader, de-asher) can also have a major impact on actual burn rates.

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