Vibration Control Workstation for AFM

Minus K’s MK26 Series Vibration Control Workstation has been exclusively designed for ultra-low natural frequency applications and offers more ergonomic comfort.

The system makes use of patented negative stiffness vibration isolators from Minus K to offer a compact, passive Vibration Isolation Workstation with higher internal structural frequencies, ultra-low natural frequencies, and superior horizontal and vertical isolation efficiencies. Moreover, the MK26 series has been optimized to offer additional leg space and considerably better user comfort.

A stiff spring and a negative-stiffness mechanism used in the Minus K vertical isolator enable realizing a low net vertical stiffness without any impact on the static load supporting potential. The beam columns connected with the vertical-motion isolator in series, offer the horizontal vibration isolation. By tuning the workstation to a natural frequency of 1/2 Hz, isolation efficiency of 93% can be achieved at 2 Hz, 99% at 5 Hz, and 99.7% at 10 Hz.

It is possible to configure the MK26 series for a broad range of applications, and to be tailored with a majority of Minus K’s vibration isolation workstation accessories.

Typical Vibration Control Applications for the MK26 Vibration Isolation Workstation

The MK26 Series Vibration Control Workstation provides the maximum performance for a broad array of devices such as confocal microscopes, analytical balances, optical microscopes, cell injection, wafer probing, sensor calibration atomic force microscopes, patch clamping, and other sensitive equipment.

The equipment could be applicable to different fields, for example, aerospace engineering, semiconductor processing, medical research, and telecommunications. The MK26 series has been developed in tandem with Kinetic Systems.

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MK26 with Acrylic Chamber

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