HIC Resistant Steel

Masteel's HIC Resistant Steel is carbon steel which is tested to show the resilience of the plate against the long-term effects of hydrogen-induced cracking, tested in accordance with NACE. Masteel UK Limited is happy to offer HIC resistant steel plates from stock.

Given below are technical details of Masteel’s HIC resistant steel plate, including information relating to testing and identification.

MASTERHIC 5/10/15 is tested according to NACE TM 0284-03 with test solution A (pH = 3)

  CLR (%) CTR (%) CSR (%)
MASTERHIC 5 <5 <1.5 <0.5
MASTERHIC 10 <10 <3 <1
MASTERHIC 15 <15 <5 <2


Testing / Documentation / Identification:

  • Ultrasonic testing is carried out according to ASTM A578 level C.
  • Supply Condition: Normalized
  • Impact tested at – 50 °C (Longitudinal)
  • Hardness tested in accordance with NACE MR 0175 22HRC max
  • Mill test certificates according to EN10204 3.1, unless otherwise stated
  • Marking on HIC plates is preformed in accordance with ASTM/ASME A/SA 20

Thicknesses ranges from 6 mm to 100 mm. Full profiling facilities are also available. For project based contracts, pre-allocated rolling schedules for HIC steel are available. Maximum HIC plate weight 15 tons.

Chemical Analysis

The limits on unspecified elements of ASTM/ASME A/SA 20 Table 1 are not surpassed. The admissible deviations from the indicated values for S and P need to be agreed for product analysis.

. .
C ≤0.2
Mn 0.85–1.20
Si 0.15–0.40
P ≤0.010
S ≤0.001
Ni ≤0.4
Cr ≤0.3
Mo ≤0.1
Cu ≤0.2
Cev ≤0.41

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