Analyzing Liquid Streams with Basic Liquid Transmission Flow Cells

The Durasens™ LT-B Series Liquid Transmission Flow Cells are ideal for examining liquid streams using transmission spectroscopy. These are reliable, field-tested basic cells. The flow cells have a sturdy 316 stainless steel construction and are provided with a wide range of window materials and pathlengths which make these cells equally at home in the pilot plant, laboratory, or manufacturing plant.

The pathlength can be easily altered by changing the spacer. The demountable design makes it easy to disassemble the cells for cleaning, or for the exchange of pathlength spacers and windows.

The LT-B Series cells are provided with round clear apertures of 20 mm (Model LT-B25) and 8 mm (Model LT-B13). The two models are available in temperature-controlled versions (Models LT-B13-T and LT-B25-T). The temperature-controlled versions are thermally insulated cells having low-voltage cartridge heaters, an embedded K-type thermocouple, and a flow-through cooling conduit.

Product Highlights

  • Reliable, stainless steel flow cells with Swagelok fittings
  • Maximum temperature up to 260 °C
  • Temperature-controlled models available
  • Wide selection of window materials and pathlength spacers
  • Pathlength easily altered by changing the spacer
  • Standard sample slide holder mounting
  • Compatible automatic temperature controller available
  • Demountable windows and spacers for easy exchange or cleaning
  • Available with 8 mm or 20 mm diameter clear apertures


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Body Material 316 Stainless Steel standard, other materials available
Fittings 1/8” Swagelok fittings standard, other fittings available
Window Material Al2O3, BaF2, CaF2, KBr, NaCl, SiO2, ZnS, ZnSe, and others
Optical Pathlength 15 μm -1000 μm, depending on spacer thickness
Wavelength Range From UV to Far IR, depending on window material
Max Operating Temperature 200 °C with Viton O-rings, 260 °C with Kalrez O-rings

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