Absorbing Electromagnetic Waves with ROHACELL EC

About the ROHACELL® EC

As a highly conductive and closed-cell foam, the ROHACELL® EC has been specifically designed for its use in stealth applications, of which include, but are not limited to, stealth aircraft and electromagnetic shielding purposes.

With exceptional thermomechanical properties and strength-to-weight ratios that are also found in traditional ROHACELL® foam, the ROHACELL® EC offers users with the benefits that are associated with superior dielectric properties, as well as the absorption of electromagnetic waves at radar frequencies.

The unique combination of properties found in the ROHACELL® EC is achieved as a result of carbon particles that are loaded into the foam during processing, thereby providing an excellent sandwich core solution for all applied components that require both radar absorption properties and superior mechanical performance.

Product Features

  • Capable of withstanding temperatures as high as 180 °C
  • Capable of withstanding processing conditions up to 7 bars
    • Depends on the material density
  • Compatible with all common curing processes, of which include:
    • Vacuum infusion
    • Resin transfer molding
    • Pre-preg autoclaving
    • Hand lay-up

Dielectric Processing

Property Frequency [GHz] ROHACELL® 71 EC ROHACELL® 150 EC
Real part of permittivity 5 1.44 1.83
10 1.33 1.62
20 1.25 1.68
30 1.28 1.52
Imaginary part of permittivity 5 0.18 0.41
10 0.12 0.30
20 0.14 0.24
30 0.10 0.20

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