Online Detection of VOCs and VICs with the Vocus CI-TOF

Real-Time Chemical Analysis of Air

Unmatched Sensitivity and and Speed
Vocus mass spectrometers directly sample air, ionize molecules by chemical ionization (CI) and measure the ions by mass spectrometry.  Composition is instantaneously reported with the part-per-trillion (ppt) limits of detection. 

No Need for Chromatography
Vocus measurements are selective for specific classes of volatile organic and inorganic compounds (VOCs and VICs), and analytes are ionized with limted fragmentation so that molecular ions are observed.  These features - along with high mass resolving power - allow real-time characterization fo complex mixtures without chromatography.

Flexibility Ionization to Target Your Compounds of Interest
Vocus CI-TOFs are available with two interchangeable CI reactor - Vocus PTR and Vocus Aim - each optimized to target different classes of compounds.  Configure a system to address your varied and evolving requirements. 

Vocus CI-TOF Applications

Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are ever-present chemicals that have an important role to play in numerous systems, such as the environment, food, health, and industry. It is complicated to characterize VOCs as they are mostly trace constituents within compound mixtures. The Vocus PTR-TOF delivers unparalleled performances for identification and quantification of VOCs across all fields in real time.

Applications include:


Vocus PTR-TOF Webinar: Fundamentals and Applications


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