Online Detection of VOCs with the Vocus PTR-TOF

The Vocus PTR-TOF is a proton transfer reaction mass spectrometer (PTR-MS) that is employed for sensitive detection of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in real time in laboratory, industrial, and field applications. The instrument integrates TOFWERK’s innovative Vocus proton transfer reaction cell with its high-performance time-of-flight technology to provide customers with market-leading mass resolving power and sensitivity.

  • Groundbreaking PTR reaction cell design: The exclusive Vocus reaction cell decreases wall losses and concentrates ions to offer users up to 10x the sensitivity of other commercial PTR-MS
  • Ultra-low limits of detection: High sensitivity and low backgrounds unite to produce sub-ppt VOC limits of detection within seconds
  • Smart, robust software: User-friendly data acquisition interface and Tofware graphical post-processing software for the examination of high-resolution TOF data
  • Maximum available mass resolving power: Mass resolving power up to 15000 allows identification of isobaric compounds in compound mixtures
  • Adaptable for your applications: Work with TOFWERK to combine the Vocus PTR-TOF into one’s own sampling systems and workflows
  • Interchangeable ion sources: Based on TOFWERK’s API-TOF platform, the Vocus PTR-TOF enables users to interchange the Vocus PTR reaction cell with a range of other ion sources
  • Automated reagent ion switching: Swapping between H3O+, NO+, and O2+ expands the breadth of detectable compounds and resolves isomers
  • Field-ready hardware: Compact, durable architecture offers laboratory-grade performance to tough environments

Vocus PTR-TOF Applications

Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are ever-present chemicals that have an important role to play in numerous systems, such as the environment, food, health, and industry. It is complicated to characterize VOCs as they are mostly trace constituents within compound mixtures. The Vocus PTR-TOF delivers unparalleled performances for identification and quantification of VOCs across all fields in real time.

Other applications include;

  • Fentanyl Detection
  • High-Throughput Monitoring of Plant VOC
  • Profiling Oil and Gas Well Emissions
  • Identification of Isobaric VOCs in Coffee Aroma
  • Monitoring Trace VOCs in Human Breath


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