Analytical Chemistry Services for Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences - Protein Analysis

Proteins are some of the most well-defined macromolecules, yet they are accountable for such a complete range of molecular functions that protein analysis remains a very challenging and multifaceted field of study. These linear chain compounds of organic amino acid residues are vital for numerous biochemical processes and cellular functions.

By itself, protein analysis has garnered substantial academic and commercial attention for life sciences and medical research together with innovative pharmaceutical development.

Jordi Labs is all set to deliver detailed and repeatable protein analysis and characterizations, from the most vital physiochemical characteristics to more intricate chemical modifications. Jordi Labs can help in protein sequencing, amino acid composition analysis, and structural evaluations of principal proteins and aggregated structures. The chemists at Jordi Labs will offer strong structural characterization and validation of molecular samples to curate a personalized understanding of the principal sequence and its higher order structure.

While showing the exceptional structural qualities of a client’s molecules, based on amino acid sequencing and primary through to quaternary structures, Jordi Labs chemists will perform a range of assessments on the physiochemical properties of the sample. These include:

  • Molecular weight (aggregation state)
  • Homo- and heterogeneity
  • Purity/impurity
  • Spectroscopic characteristics
  • Extinction coefficient (molar absorptivity)
  • Protein modifications (glycosylation, PEGylation, etc.)

Jordi Labs will carry out both quantitative and qualitative assessments on a sample to measure protein quantity while distinguishing and identifying contaminant agents and impurities. This allows the lab to help their clients in enhancing the potency and bioactivity of their proteins for applications like protein therapeutics.

Protein Analysis with Jordi Labs

Jordi Labs focuses on analytical chemistry services for life sciences and pharmaceutical applications, with widespread expertise in the field of protein analysis.

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