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People across the globe are continuously exposed to chemicals in the products that they consume and use. Generally, these exposures signify little hazard to human health. The risk posed by any specific chemical is a function of its identity (potency) and its quantity (dose). So as to design safe products, producers must have a fundamental comprehension of the underlying toxicology of each ingredient. This allows producers to build safer products and eliminate contaminants and lethal elements.

Jordi Labs can offer toxicological risk assessments to appraise the potential health effects caused due to chemical exposure. The lab utilizes highly advanced chemical testing techniques and equipment to offer correct identification and quantitative values which act as the basis of the toxicological evaluation. It then uses this information to carry out a toxicological risk assessment and establish if the chemical presents a potential risk for the toxicological endpoints tested.

Jordi Labs toxicological services consist of risk assessments and toxicology reviews for:

  • Food contact materials
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • General consumer goods
  • Medical devices

The lab has wide-ranging expertise in the risk assessment of extractables and leachables (E&Ls) per ISO 10993 and can measure the biocompatibility of new medical devices in support of PMA and 510K submissions. Jordi Labs can pave the analytical foundation for a New Drug Application (NDA) or carry out migration studies from food contact materials.

Toxicology Evaluations with Jordi Labs

Jordi Labs focuses on chemical testing and analysis for commercial, industrial, and academic applications. It offers a set of solutions for toxicology and risk assessments in a wide range of industries.

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