MINIVAP ON-LINE, a process monitoring analyzer, is used to measure the vapor pressure of crude oil, gasoline, NPG, and LPG. In addition, it can be used to determine the vapor-liquid ratio (LVR) of gasoline. MINIVAP ON-LINE uses a measuring principle similar to MINIVAP — the laboratory instruments used globally — and therefore generates equivalent results.

A single MINIVAP ON-LINE analyzer can be connected to two different sample streams. It is the only process vapor pressure tester that fully conforms to the industry-relevant ASTM standards for crude oil (ASTM D6377), gasoline (D6378), and LPG (D6897).

The unrivaled precision of MINIVAP ON-LINE saves thousands of dollars for refineries every day.


MINIVAP ON-LINE’s measuring principle is based on the triple expansion technique of Grabner Instruments’ MINIVAP VPS — a globally accepted and approved laboratory vapor pressure tester for crude oil and gasoline. In 1993, MINIVAP was declared as the official reference instrument for the United States by the US-EPA.

The MINIVAP ON-LINE can be used to determine not just the vapor pressure of crude oil (D6377/D323), gasoline (D6378/D5191), and liquid petroleum gas (D6897/D1267) but also the vapor-liquid ratio temperature of gasoline (D5188). Since there is a possibility to connect up to two different sample streams, the measurements can be carried out using a single instrument.

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