Pre-Configured LIMS Solutions for Oil and Gas Laboratories

LabVantage Oil and Gas provides a cost-effective, pre-configured, purpose-built LIMS platform for refining and petrochemical industries. This significantly brings down the deployment cost (85%) and time (75%) when compared to a conventional LIMS implementation. It also offers — out of the box — workflows and functionality needed by refinery and petrochemical users.

LabVantage Oil and Gas is developed from the state-of-the-art LIMS platform available and is a user-friendly and flexible web-based LIMS, with embedded LES and ELN, which helps organizations make more timely decisions while meeting regulatory conditions (GLP, ISO 17025).

Behind the development of LabVantage Oil and Gas lies decades of experience employing LIMS in the oil and gas industry.

Why LabVantage Oil and Gas LIMS?

Centralized Deployment

It is centrally hosted for global deployment, thereby supporting hundreds of simultaneous users.

Seamless Integration

Operational efficiencies can be realized with laboratory instrumentations and systems like SAP ERP.

Regulatory Compliance

LabVantage Oil and Gas LIMS conforms to regulatory standards including ISO 17025, 21 CFR 11, Annex 11, EPA, and GxP.

Access Real-Time Information

It allows constant enhancements to the production process by the processing facilities.

Digital Collection and Cross-Referencing

LabVantage Oil and Gas LIMS eliminates the need for paper or Excel-based systems and manual processes between different sources.

Environmental Testing Compliance

Sample points can be visualized and monitored based on predefined tests and specifications, with image-maps to establish hot-spots in field-trips to facilities.

Capabilities of LabVantage Oil and Gas LIMS

Batch and Sample Management

The system enables batch and sample testing, product management, release and generation of Certificate of Analysis (CoA), Advanced Quality Management.

Sample/Environmental Monitoring

Suitable hierarchical definition of sample collection sites, automated scheduling and monitoring of samples across different locations and sample points based on predefined tests and specifications, and hot-spot visualization for field-trips within facilities using image-maps can be performed.

Instrument Maintenance and Calibration

Maintenance, usage, and calibration of instruments can be monitored.

Instrument Interfacing

Both simple and complex laboratory instruments (for example, balances, pH meters, chromatography instruments) can be connected for automatic data entry.

Statistical Process Control (SPC)

Statistical Process Control is supported through control charts and trending analysis.

Safety Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheets and hazard details pertaining to materials can be maintained.

Reports and Dashboards

LabVantage Oil and Gas LIMS has the potential to generate reports by making use of standard reports, dashboards, and/or visualization to represent transactional data.

Preconfigured Master Data

The system offers preconfigured master data specific to the Oil and Gas industry.

Tags for Process Control Systems

Samples and results can be either exported or imported.


Testing schedules can be managed efficiently.

Product Shipment and Certification

The testing specification can be validated and verified to process shipments in batches.

Sample Sequential Routing

A sample can be directed to different laboratories based on tests.

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