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Micro-Cellular Polyurethane Foam Solutions for Batteries

Norseal® PF20 Series from Saint Gobain Tape Solutions comprises improved micro-cellular polyurethane foam solutions, designed exclusively for efficient operation of batteries in a pack. PF25 and PF27 come in thickness as low as 1 mm, which helps to achieve higher energy density in a pack.

To ensure long battery life, uniformity of cell pressure and cell temperature is essential. The compressed foam between cells develops uniform pressure across the cell surface.

The foam’s thermal insulation properties are also helpful to maintain the cell face temperature. These properties and the ensuing function of the foam are highly consistent over time and across a variety of environmental settings, thereby extending the service life of the pack.

The key to performance can be observed in the Compression Force Deflection (CFD) curve. Norseal PF Cushion Pads offer a flat CFD curve over a broad range of deflections.


  • Intricate area gasketing
  • Compression/tolerance pads in prismatic cell packs and lithium-ion pouch

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