Optical Coatings on Fiber Tips

Omega Optical has pioneered the potential to coat fiber tips. It is possible to apply almost any filter to the tip of a fiber optic (bandpass, short pass, long pass, anti-reflection, etc.) provided that the thin-film stack’s total thickness remains below 7 μm.

Omega Optical’s Research and Development department has developed an ideal in-fiber monitoring system and fixturing to facilitate this technology.

The tips of the fiber optic can be lensed, connectorized, tapered, or bare. Although it is possible to coat both single fiber and multi-mode, the angular distribution in multimode fiber should be taken into account when it comes to the distributions of AOI at the coatings. Such coatings are robust and allow a coated tip to be connected to an uncoated tip.

The fiber that is positioned on tailored jigs is also coated by Omega Optical. These jigs can be utilized with different types of connectors like ST, FC, SC, etc.


  • Fiber lasers
  • Fiber Raman probes
  • Fiber interferometers
  • Fiber-based flow cytometry
  • Laser coupling
  • Laser eye surgery

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