Portable Mass Spectrometry Made Easy

The MiDas compact sampling interface offers an alternative for smooth interaction with the MiD products and enables automated sampling, dilution, and injection for direct mass spectrometer analysis.

Microsaic 4500 MiD®

Video Credit: Microsaic Systems plc

The MiDas offers direct injection analysis through an optional motorized 2-position 6-port valve. It is designed for both flow and direct injection monitoring at the site of reaction or processing.

It has simple-to-use software that sets up samples and analyzes data without prior mass spectrometry (MS) experience. The sample from the reaction flow is diluted for analysis in the MiD MS detector by a make-up pump and active splitter.

Features include:

  • Easy-to-use software for sampling setup and data analysis
  • Direct injection analysis
  • To prevent carry-over, automated sampling procedures involve flushing

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