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Solutions for Polymer Analysis & Development

Polymers are ubiquitous in the modern world for their fantastic tunable properties. Changing either the chemical composition, average molecular weights, or the curing process of polymers makes it possible to completely modify the material behavior of the final polymer. With advanced machining techniques making it possible to easily make highly complex structures from polymers, it is hard to find many modern objects that do not have at least one polymer component. This eBook covers a number of different lab-scale techniques for both the chemical, elemental, and structural analysis of polymers, rheological analysis and approaches for polymer compound extrusion and testing. Together, a comprehensive understanding of these techniques provides a way of fully understanding polymer materials for polymer design or manufacturing applications.

In this eBook we explore:

  • Chemical Analysis of Polymers
  • Elemental Analysis of Polymers
  • Structural Analysis of Polymers
  • Rheological Analysis of Polymers
  • Lab-scale Polymer Compounding, Extrusion and Testing

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