Olumpus NDT to feature the GoldXpert at the Hong Kong Jewelry Show

The GoldXpert from Olympus NDT will be highlighted at the Hong Kong Jewelry show from September 19th through 25th.

Demonstrations of its exclusive new feature, which helps identify gold-plated objects will be given at the Senses Group, booths 11V24-26, at the AsiaWorld-Expo and at the Hong Kong Jewellery & Jade Manufactures Association, booth 1M024, at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. This innovative new feature determines whether an object is gold, solid gold, thick-coated gold, or gold plated.

The Olympus NDT XRF GoldXpert precious metal analyzer provides a reliable, easy-to-use, and cost-effective method to identify the purity and fineness of precious metals with a simple, nondestructive, nonintrusive test. This stylish and portable countertop analyzer can identify more than twenty different elements, including gold (Au), silver (Ag), platinum (Pt), and palladium (Pd), in addition to the presence of zirconium (Zr) for cubic zirconia "stones" and lead (Pb) in leaded glass beads.

The primary benefits of the GoldXpert include the ability to assess cash-for-gold pieces quickly for accurate pricing, identify and characterize a wide range of silver and platinum alloys, identify poisonous elements in samples, and manage the QC of refining and melting operations. XRF analysis provides a less expensive, quicker testing alternative to fire assay, chemical tests, and on-the-spot analysis of precious metal materials, making it an easy way to boost customer confidence and ensure dealer reliability. The new Gold Plating Alert feature enhances that experience.
Given the current high value of gold, quantifying its fineness and purity is more critical than ever.

The GoldXpert XRF analyzer offers cutting edge electronics and X-ray technology, as well as innovative software features for fast and easy operation. This analyzer is engineered for continual use, achieving hundreds of tests per day in many applications. It is portable and operates completely independent of a PC. It is equipped with a camera for live viewing and image recording of the tested object, as well as a collimator for measurement of components and samples as small as 3mm in diameter. For more information on the use of the GoldXpert XRF Analyzer for gold and precious metals analysis, please visit http://www.olympus-ims.com/en/innovx-xrf-xrd/precious-metals/.

About Olympus NDT

Olympus NDT is a world-leading manufacturer of innovative nondestructive testing instruments that are used in industrial and research applications ranging from aerospace, power generation, petrochemical, civil infrastructure, and automotive to consumer products. Leading-edge testing technologies include ultrasound, ultrasound phased array, eddy current, eddy current array and X-ray fluorescence. The Olympus NDT product lineup includes flaw detectors, thickness gages, in-line systems, automated systems, industrial scanners, analyzers, pulser-receivers, probes, transducers, and various accessories. Olympus NDT is also a distributor of remote visual inspection instruments and high-speed video cameras in the Americas. Olympus NDT is based in Waltham, Massachusetts, USA, and has sales and service centers in all principal industrial locations worldwide.


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