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Designed Especially for The Phenom Desktop SEM: PoroMetric Software for Fully Automated Measurement and Analysis of Pores

The visualization and analysis of pores is easier than ever before with the Phenom desktop SEM and the PoroMetric software. The combination of speed, ease of use and superb imaging quality of the Phenom and image pore analysis software of PoroMetric creates a powerful tool for inspecting wide range of samples like filters and membranes.

Integrated and Automated

The Phenom desktop SEM allows easy generation of SEM images. The fully automated measurements of PoroMetric allow a level of visual exploration beyond optical microscopy that can lead to new discoveries and innovations.

PoroMetric allows the user to get a better understanding of the characteristics of the materials, as it extracts detailed information of the complete set of pores. The user can easily analyze pore parameters such as pore size and aspect ratio and gather data on distribution of pores. PoroMetric is the first in its class when it comes to measurements of pores as data on all pores is made available. This results in valuable information on the pore structure as well as information on the porosity and filtration process.

PoroMetric is a great addition to our already existing software packages such as FiberMetric and ParticleMetric. PoroMetric allows users to quickly analyse SEM images and extract relevant information on e.g. membranes and filters. PoroMetric brings a lot of speed and next to that, it is very easy to use, just like the Phenom SEM itself.

Jos Maas, product manager at Phenom-World

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