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Carbon and Sulfur in Steel and Other Metals

The determination of the carbon and sulfur content in solids is a routine application in laboratories and production.

Steel and metals like copper, iron, titanium or tungsten are characterized by their carbon and sulfur content and display different properties depending on the element concentration. This makes reliable and precise elemental analysis essential for metal production and quality control.

Depending on the sample material, different analyzers are used. Inorganic sample materials have a low carbon content from a few ppm to a max. of 10 % and are usually not combustible. Carbon / sulfur is released at high temperatures above 2,000 °C which can only be achieved with an induction furnace.

This on-demand webinar gives a general overview on carbon and sulfur analysis and provides valuable tips & tricks on:

  • Sample preparation / sample shape
  • Accelerators / crucibles
  • Sample handling
  • Settings for optimized analysis results

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