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Electron beam or e-beam are streams of electrons observed in vacuum tubes, i.e. evacuated glass tubes that are equipped with at least two metal electrodes to which a voltage is applied, a cathode or negative electrode and an anode or positive electrode.
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JEBG Series / High Power Electron Beam Sources are designed to uniformly deposit metal oxides onto wide plastic films or steel plates in a continuous feed such as in magnetic tape manufacture for high-density recording or in wrapping-film manufacture with an oxide barrier function. Electron beam sources are also used for depositing of MgO film on plasma display panels and for development of surface-treated steel plates. Electron beam sources are also used for the melting of high-melting-point materials and high-purity metals.
The U-eLektron Ebeam system was designed to provide a research and development oriented solution to labs of any size. As a bench top tool, the U-eLektron can provide immediate results without the cost or time required for external testing.
For applications requiring large evaporation materials inventory (e.g. multiple or thick layers, extended throw distances) the Model 295 Source provides a wide range of crucible sizes including 6x100cc, 16x15cc, 10x40cc, and a 1486cc trough. Available in 10Kw or 15Kw versions, with Arc-Suppression available as an option.