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Electron Multiplying Charge Coupled Devices or EMCCDs are image detectors capable of detecting single photon events while maintaining quantum efficiency. They typically feature high sensitivity and high speed especially when compared to more traditional CCDs. They find application in low light scenarios and are used in fields such as life sciences, astronomy, spectroscopy and x-ray.
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QImaging is proud to introduce the Rolera EM-C2, the latest addition to its line-up of high-speed, high-sensitivity cameras. This camera is specifically designed to detect extremely low light levels at super-high frame rates with unparalleled spatial resolution. It enables life science researchers to take high-resolution, low-light video rate images capturing events never seen before.
Princeton Instruments, a pioneer in low-light-level imaging technology, has been at the forefront of EMCCD technology for the better part of this decade. The Princeton Instruments ProEM camera is the culmination of years of working with leading researchers and skillfully implementing our own ultra-low-noise electronics, deep cooling, and EMCCD expertise.
Andor’s Newton CCD and EMCCD spectroscopy detectors have been designed specifically for fast and low-light spectroscopic applications.
The HoloSpec from Andor is the perfect solution for gathering more light and gaining better signal-to-noise ratio in a faster manner, which is vital for applications such as microfluidics, real-time medical diagnosis (point-of-care analyzers), micro-Raman mapping, or stand-off bacteriologic agents or explosives detection.
​Andor has introduced a new addition to the iXon EMCCD cameras which are ultrasensitive digital cameras specifically designed to drive the absolute best from EMCCD technology across all performance parameters and specifications.