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Helium Ion Beam microscopes (HIBM) operate similar to scanning electron micropscopes (SEM), but as the name suggests they use a helium ion, rather then electrons to image the samples. The Helium ion microscope has the advantage that it is able to produce sharper images on a wider range of materials with an increased number of grey scales, but most importantly has a much improved level of resolution due to their shorter wavelength. They also create less damage to samples compared to other ion beams due to their lower atomic mass. Images obtained with a HIBM are able to provide topgraphic, material, crystallographic and electrical information.
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Carl Zeiss has launched an advanced 3-in-1 multibeam ion microscope for sub-10nm nanostructuring.
The Carl Zeiss ORION® PLUS Helium ion microscope is a dramatic new break-through in microscopy, delivering images with never-before seen ultra-high resolution and material contrast, with five times better depth of field. The ZEISS ORION® PLUS microscope is based on the revolutionary, atomic-sized, ALIS gas field ion source.