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A permeameter is a device used to measure the rate at which water or water vapor can flow through a porous membrane such as a filter. They are able to carry out such measurements at a range of humidities, temperatures and pressures to simulate various operating conditions.
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Labthink’s i-Hydro 7300 water vapor transmission rate tester, operated on gravimetric method, is used for testing water vapor transmission rate of sheeting, building materials, composite films, pharmaceutical materials and plastic films.
Laboratory equipment of analytical degree, used to measure the gas permeability from cylindrical rock samples, its measurement principle is Darcy’s Law for linear flow in compressible fluids.
NER's TinyPerm II is a portable hand-held air permeameter used for measurement of rock matrix permeability or effective fracture apertures on outcrops and at the core scale.
These asphalt permeameters are compact, self-contained, easy-to-use units, which can be used in the lab or in the field.
Hydraulic conductivity and soil sorptivity are quickly calculated from water flow rates measured from two constant head levels using the HM-127 Permeameter.
The i-Gastra 7100 gas permeability tester from Labthink is designed to analyze gas transmission rate of high barrier materials, aluminum foils, sheeting and films.