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Printed circuit board (PCB) workstations are used for creating or modifying circuit boards. They may include gas extraction systems to remove fumes from solder and work surfaces that are not susceptible to the build up of static electric charge that can be detrimental to delicate electronic components. SMT (surface mount technology) component placement systems, commonly called pick-and-place machines or P&Ps, are robotic machines which are used to place surface-mount devices (SMDs) onto a printed circuit board (PCB).
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This module provides the same functions as the transfer conveyor with the possibility of stopping the PCB for a manual operation on it.
The F2000W Edge belt workstation can support a full array of workstation components. It can be arranged with just an inspect feature or be suited with a full assortment of lights, shelves, document holders, and other workstation components.
The MASCOT STANDALONE Workstation is a uniquely quick and reliable solution for building PCBs precisely. A MASCOT STANDALONE Workstation will minimise PCB build times, improve your production quality and offers far greater flexibility for PTH & odd form insertion, inspection and re-work. MASCOT STANDALONE offers total flexibility, adapting to meet ever changing production requirements.
The Mega II is an efficient, automated closed loop, solvent regenerative, electronic assembly and parts cleaning system with quantitative ionic detection, removal and statistical process control capability.
Workstation for manual finishing of PCBs on the conveyor module.
This Multi Functional low cost workstation benefits from having Formagrinds’s ESD safe Gel mat fitted enabling practical down draft extraction. The Gel compound offers a firm yet protective surface for PCB’s with venerable devices fitted to the underside.