Laboratory Process Equipment

Laboratory Process equipment including: Heating mantles, Mixers, Evaporators, Rotators, Shakers, Temperature Control Units, Vacuum, Glove Chambers.
Featured Equipment
The VeraSol-2 is a Class AAA LED-based Solar Simulator with a 2 x 2in illuminated area. It is certified AAA rated to IEC 60904-9 for spectral match, non-uniformity of irradiance, and temporal stability.
The preferred source for UV spectroscopy is deuterium lamps. Stray light is a significant problem in UV spectroscopy.
Other Equipment
The ST-500 continuous flow cryostat from Janis Research is developed specifically for use in imaging, microscopy, and high spatial resolution photoluminescence.
The Low Temperature Cooler available from PolyScience improves and simplifies low-temperature laboratory work. With the help of this product, liquids can be cooled down to -100°C temperatures instantly and cost-effectively.
Oerlikon Leybold Vacuum offers magnetically-levitated turbomolecular pumps called TURBOVAC MAGiNTEGRA.
TRENT, Inc. Tubular Heaters, often referred to as “D” rods, are ready for installation and use as immersion heaters with water, oil, and corrosive liquids in kettles, tanks, baths, pots, platens, dies, or any kind of vessel.
Time is highly critical in the food sector, hence rapid analysis is mandatory. The HYBRID Trac enables users to check moisture and fat values in minutes and offer them peace of mind and their product satisfies the needed specifications before reaching customers.
The shakers from Glas-Col are economical and can be customized or automated for any vessel. Applications include micro-expressions for recombinant proteins and solution phase synthesis when a good mixture of heterogeneous solutions is needed.
TRENT, Inc. Folded & Formed Heating Elements are ribbon-type elements that provide temperature control in heat processing operations. Developed to meet the need for higher temperatures, TRENT Folded & Formed heating elements were patented in 1933.
The VPF series cryostat from Janis Research is a simple and low-cost liquid nitrogen device that does not need any valves or adjustments, and provides a changeable temperature sample environment.
Precision Hydrogen Trace Gas generator from Peak Scientific is specially designed to deliver ultra high purity hydrogen to multiple GC/MS or GC units. It is provided with an internal leak detection mechanism with automatic shutdown features.
The Elix Advantage system has been especially developed to meet or exceed Type 2 water quality (corresponding to analytical-grade water) as defined by ASTM, CLSI and ISO 3696/BS 3997. Elix Advantage System water also complies with the purified water requirements from the US, Japanese and European Pharmacopeias.
The DynaGen Bioreactor instruments set a new benchmark for 3D cell culture and tissue engineering research.
The modular mixers from Glascol are affordable and can be customized or automated for a range of thermal blocks or racks. The mixers perform low or high-speed orbital mixing, with homing position and ensure repeatable mixing results.
The Discover SP-D is fast and remarkably simple and changes the laboratory paradigm for microwave digestion.
Constant climate chambers from BINDER in any implementation are a one-stop solution for consistently and easily managing the stress or stability test. The BINDER constant climate chambers of the KBF P series are suited for norm compliant work based on ICH guidelines and work independent of water supply.
Prime full size thermal cycler from Techne is a low-cost, flexible PCR instrument that offers maximum flexibility, high throughput, and high performance. It is also capable of upgrading the base model to a gradient capability having a simple unlock code.
PolyScience offers shaking water baths that comprise general purpose water bath and shaker platform. They are precise and provide absolute control and convenience.
Proton OnSite offers the S Series hydrogen generation systems that are capable of producing up to 1.05Nm3/hr (40scf/hr) of ultra-high purity hydrogen gas for a wide range of applications.
The electromagnetic stir mantle has the power to mix volumes as large as 72L with a magnetic motor. The series TM stir mantle adds electromagnetic stirring to the TM series heating mantle for spherical flasks. The magnetic field is created and synchronized by StirControl.
Peak Scientific’s Precision nitrogen standard analysis solution gas generators are exclusively built for GC laboratory applications. They feature a highly advanced, on-demand gas generator design.
Proton OnSite offers a series of automated on-site hydrogen generators in two integrated, site-ready enclosures.
Hockmeyer offers multi-shaft mixers that include a low speed Helical or Anchor Sweep blade and an additional high speed shaft. The low speed blade feeds the high speed blade by folding and blending the mass in the vessel and enhances product uniformity by scraping the walls.
BINDER FD series ovens are ideal for use in cases where sterilization and quick drying are required. The FD 53 oven saves valuable time thanks to its fully homogeneous temperature distribution, quick dynamics and powerful fan.
This module provides the same functions as the transfer conveyor with the possibility of stopping the PCB for a manual operation on it.
Heating mantles are preferred to hot plates or Bunsen burners for organic liquids. They provide no hot spots or even heating and maximum surface coverage for better temperature uniformity.
Julabo’s shaking water bath is designed with a seamless, water-proof keypad which provides easy and convenient usage. Its bright multi-display (LED) is capable of displaying up to 6 temperatures that can be viewed from across the lab.
The FlexiVap™ Work Station with Vacuum Manifold is the latest addition to the company’s line of analytical nitrogen/ air evaporators that enable the capture of solvent vapors.
The N5P bench-top nitrogen generator available from Proton OnSite uses PSA technology with highly efficient hydrocarbon removal columns to generate clean nitrogen from external air source.
Surface Measurement Systems offers the GenRH-T that supplies precision Relative Humidity (RH) levels across a broad range of temperatures. The RH levels can be varied between 0% and 98%. Condensation during vapor transport can be eliminated with the heated transfer line.
The TriAxis electron beam evaporation system includes a 304 stainless steel cylindrical chamber with a typical size range 18 or 24 inch diameter and is scaled to match the specific application.
The Hosokawa Micron Rietz Angle Disintegrator is mainly suitable for grinding, dry pulverizing, mixing or homogenizing foodstuffs, chemicals and pharmaceutical products.
The N34M/N60M/N120M/N380M generators available from Proton OnSite utilize membrane technology to generate clean nitrogen from external air source.
The 75 Liter Refrigerated Circulating Bath available from Polyscience has been exclusively designed to replicate temperature variations that speed up beverage aging. The bath is integrated with a performance programmable temperature controller.
Prime Pro 48 thermal cycler from Techne is a low-cost, real-time PCR system with high thermal block uniformity. The system provides the fastest run time of any other block-based qPCR system available in the market.
The SC3500 evaporation system from Semicore is made of stainless steel and is a water cooled process chamber with swing open front access door.
Direct-Q systems deliver both pure and ultrapure water directly from tap for use with a wide range of applications.
Peak Scientific's Genius AB3G Nitrogen generator is exclusively developed for use with the AB SCIEX line LC/MS instruments, including the new API5500.
PolyScience offers DuraChill recirculating chillers that are specifically designed for removing extreme heat in challenging environments.
The Mid-Range 3D Shaker offers the same convenient and consistent 3D shaking on the bench top as the 3D floor shaker.
Discover SP-X is a quick and convenient alternative to Soxhlet, sonication, and other techniques.
Oerlikon Leybold Vacuum offers a range of single stage oil sealed rotary vane pumps for harsh industrial applications. The SOGEVAC series combines the latest developments in pump technology and years of experience in vacuum engineering.
The Milli-Q Integral system includes an optimized and comprehensive sequence of water purification and monitoring technologies in a single unit enabling both ultra pure and pure water to be produced directly from the tap.
TRENT, Inc. offers three series of Electric Kettles, which are all used to heat adhesives, glue, paraplast, pitch, resins, sulfur, and wax.
Surface Measurement Systems’ GenRH-A Ambient is designed for precision ambient relative humidity (RH) generation. Building on Surface Measurement Systems’ more than two decades of expertise in RH generation technology, the compact instrument comes with advanced capabilities.
The new digital rotator offers the same brushless control technology, which is found in many of the company’s new generation of mixers.
Julabo’s FL20006 recirculating cooler provides environmentally-friendly cooling solutions for applications within the laboratory and industry. The cooler is ergonomically designed with simple operation.
Julabo’s F500 recirculating cooler series are designed for simple cooling operations. They only need very limited space and have minimal procurement costs, thus the Julabo F models of recirculating coolers are ideal for replacing expensive tap water as well as for general cooling tasks.
Genius 1050 Nitrogen generator from Peak Scientific is a device that produces nitrogen for LC/MS applications. It employs CMS technology to provide highly pure and clean gas supply for customers. The generator has been tested by Mass Spec manufacturers across the entire development process, ensuring the ideal Nitrogen solution for LC/MS application.
Hosokawa offers the Flexible Product Isolator, which has been designed to meet the demands for a flexible, cost-effective, barrier containment solution.
The BINDER FED Series heating chambers offer a very large capacity, and are adaptable to many different applications.
This Multi Functional low cost workstation benefits from having Formagrinds’s ESD safe Gel mat fitted enabling practical down draft extraction. The Gel compound offers a firm yet protective surface for PCB’s with venerable devices fitted to the underside.
Julabo's refrigerated/heating circulator is a heating and cooling device designed for external temperature applications and for operations in the bath.
The ST-400 ultra high vacuum (UHV) cryostat from Janis Research offers the easiest technique for providing cooling in an ultra-high vacuum environment.
Techne's TE-10D thermoregulator is designed to be used with unheated water baths or other laboratory vessels. It safely controls the temperature of liquid in the bath within the specific limits.
The Binder oven and chamber range covers all types of routine applications and also highly technical and specific tasks, taking pride in offering unique precision in both areas.
The Hydrogen G200/G400/G600 bench-top generators supplied by Proton OnSite are capable of sensing demand and altering production rate, whilst maintaining noise-free operation.
Oriel offers the APEX2 series illumination systems that utilize highly efficient Xenon or QTH lamps to deliver cost-effective solutions for both scientific and industrial applications.
The Horizontal Laminar Flow Booth provides controlled, non-turbulent, once through, airflow, which ensures extra environmental safety and operator protection from dust and fumes.
FP38-ME forcing test refrigerated-heating circular bath from Julabo is designed for forcing testing of beer. It is provided with a photometer to determine the product life of beer.
Proton OnSite’ Nitrogen N341M generator uses membrane technology with load following operation.
The Elan2 series of liquid Nitrogen generators offers pure, consistent, on-demand liquid Nitrogen at a touch of a button by extracting N2 direct from the surrounding air.
The Janis SHI-4 series cryostat is one of the most flexible systems available in the market for sample cooling in a laboratory.
The Nitrogen N6P generator supplied by Proton OnSite uses PSA technology with highly efficient hydrocarbon removal columns to generate ultra-high purity nitrogen from external air source.
The Genius NM32LA Nitrogen generator from Peak Scientific is an ideal solution for applications that demand use of nitrogen, such as LC/MS application. It is an intelligent device operating under the temperature range of 5°C to 35°C.
The Glas-Col roller is developed for industrial or laboratory use with loads up to 100lbs. The heavy-duty construction accommodates up to two 5-gallon industrial containers, six 1-gallon cans, or 8-quart can/jars.
COOLVAC vacuum pumps available from Oerlikon Leybold Vacuum are gas entrapment cryo pumps where gaseous substances are attached to the cold surfaces inside the pump via cryotrapping, cryosorption, or cryocondensation.
The Liberty Blue microwave peptide synthesizer has been designed for high speed and efficiency.
Safe long-term storage of samples at temperatures down to -86 °C is ensured by the ULTRA.GUARD ultra low temperature freezer of the UF V series from BINDER. It also features personalized access control via RFID, which ensures that only laboratory employees accredited by the laboratory manager can open the ultra low temperature freezer.
The Mega II is an efficient, automated closed loop, solvent regenerative, electronic assembly and parts cleaning system with quantitative ionic detection, removal and statistical process control capability.
Julabo's ultra-low refrigerated circulators are designed for external temperature applications. It has high heating and cooling functions and powerful circulating pump systems that ensure short heat-up and cool-down times.
Techne's 3PrimeX mid-sized thermal cyclers provide all the features of the 3Prime instrument along with an extended sample capacity. It is capable of holding 30 x 0.5ml tubes, 48 x 0.2ml microtubes and a 96 well plate arranged in a horizontal format.
Hosokawa Micron`s Isolator systems can be used to handle products down to OEB<5 (down to 30 ng).
The new twin-plate 96 well micro evaporator was developed for high throughput laboratories. The evaporation rate is increased by the heated gas and each side has an independent gas flow meter.
Digital Dri-Block® heaters from Techne are a kind of precision temperature control devices designed for incubating and heating applications and for sensitive analytical techniques suited to microbiology and clinical laboratories.
Proton OnSite offers the Hydrogen H-Series generators that use Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) cell stack and PSA technology to generate ultra-high purity hydrogen for a wide range of applications, such as semiconductor fabrication, generator cooling, materials processing, etc.
Janis Research’s 1.5K continuous closed cycle refrigerator cryostat is a low vibration pulse tube cryocooler designed to realize liquid helium performance using a closed-loop system and cryogen-free technology.
Peak Scientific’s Precision nitrogen trace analysis solution gas generators are primarily designed for GC laboratory applications. The Precision series features state-of-the-art Peak Scientific on-demand gas generator design.
The FlexiVap™ Work Station is a new line of air/nitrogen evaporators developed by Yongson Huang of Brown University and licensed or manufactured by Glas-Col.
Peak Scientific’s Precision zero air trace and standard analysis solution generators are designed mainly for GC laboratory applications. The Precision units are advanced modular and compact instruments that feature on-demand gas generator design.
TRENT Electric Melters are made in capacities of 100 to 2000 pounds. Built in a range of shapes and sizes, TRENT Electric Melters are available in stationary, tilting, zinc, and trough melter type models. Certain models can operate at a maximum temperature of 1400°F / 760°C.
Proton OnSite offers the Zero Air A3000P bench-top generator that uses PSA technology with load following operation which automatically adjusts to match demand to produce high purity air to generate ultra-high purity air from external source.
Julabo’s SL-26 heating circulator is a constant temperature circulator comprising a stainless steel bath tank for internal and external temperature control operations. The circulator is manufactured mainly for external temperature control.
The KT series integrates outstanding performance with impressive energy efficiency and environmental friendliness.
The DRYVAC is a new series of dry compressing vacuum pumps specifically designed for display, photovoltaic, coating, and process industry applications. Depending on the application, the pumps come with a wide range of equipment components.
Oerlikon offers the ultra high vacuum pump systems, which are part of the PT DRY series and can produce a hydrocarbon-free vacuum.
Surface Measurement Systems offers the GenRH-Mcell as an integral component of its GenRH series of humidity control solutions.
Techne's waterbath are designed for use with Tempunit® thermoregulator or a clip-on Tempette. It is provided with carrying handles for safe operations, and also comes with stoved enameled steel outer cases equipped with a bridge mounting plate to hold the thermoregulator.
Techne's Sample Concentrator is designed to enhance sample concentration within a short period of time, unlike conventional techniques that take hours.
Oerlikon Leybold Vacuum offers the TRIVAC B rotary vane vacuum pumps that are suitable for hash industrial applications.
The F2000W Edge belt workstation can support a full array of workstation components. It can be arranged with just an inspect feature or be suited with a full assortment of lights, shelves, document holders, and other workstation components.
The MASCOT STANDALONE Workstation is a uniquely quick and reliable solution for building PCBs precisely. A MASCOT STANDALONE Workstation will minimise PCB build times, improve your production quality and offers far greater flexibility for PTH & odd form insertion, inspection and re-work. MASCOT STANDALONE offers total flexibility, adapting to meet ever changing production requirements.
The ST-500 series probe stations from Janis are high-performance research tools manufactured to provide cost-effective vacuum and cryogenic probing of wafers and systems.
Workstation for manual finishing of PCBs on the conveyor module.
With its system reservoir, purification technologies and pumps all contained in the system cabinet, the Elix Gulfstream Clinical water purification system is an ideal all-in-one solution for high-volume clinical analyzers.
The Milli-Q Advantage system has been developed to deliver high quality ultrapure water adapted to every user’s needs in today’s laboratory environment.
Industrial Hot Plates by TRENT, Inc. are heavy-duty construction designed for industrial use in laboratories and production shops.
The SPRINT rapid protein analyzer from CEM is a patent pending system, which uses iTAG protein-tagging technology, identifies and measures only protein, not nitrogen, hence one can be certain the results are accurate.
Quorum Technologies supplies the PP3010T Cryo-SEM preparation system, which is a highly automated column-mounted, gas-cooled cryo preparation system ideal for most SEM, FE-SEM and FIB/SEM systems.
TRENT, Inc. Fintube Heater casings are extruded, finned, aluminum tubing, although stainless steel casings are also available.
The StableFlow Hydrogen Control System supplied by Proton OnSite is a revolutionary product that enables plants to actively control generator casing hydrogen purity, dew point and pressure.
Julabo’s F12-ED refrigerated/heating circulators are for heating and cooling are suitable for external temperature tasks and for temperature applications directly in the bath.
Hockmeyer offers dispersers that are single shaft mixers utilized to dissolve solid particles in a liquid. This is achieved by using a "saw tooth" blade rotating at high speed. The blade induces high shear forces on the ingredients to break them apart.
The system is developed to rapidly concentrate or evaporate solvents by both heating the sample bottom and the incoming nitrogen.
The Glas-Col roller is designed for laboratory or industrial use with loads up to 100lbs. Two 5-gallon industrial containers, six 1-gallon cans, or 8-quart can/jars are accommodated in the heavy-duty construction.
CEM’s new FAST Trac Analyzer offers high speed and accuracy in an easy-to-use, cost-effective system specifically designed for low-moisture samples.
The TURBOVAC i / iX series has a compact footprint and entails lower initial and operating costs. It has a light gas pumping speed of up to 60% above present reference products, and compression values that are approximately 100x higher than previous generation products.
Hosokawa downflow booths with a filtration performance of a minimum of 99.99% are especially used where toxic, hazardous or sensitizing products are handled, especially in fine chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries.
The novel MARS 6 microwave reaction system from CEM brings a remarkable intelligence and ease of use to microwave sample preparation.
The HCP Immersion Mill available from Hockmeyer uses rapid recirculation milling technology to obtain a smaller particle size and tighter particle distribution. These aspects are achieved by pumping the slurry via the media field more number of times and more efficiently than any other mill, including vertical, horizontal or basket mills.
Peak Scientific’s Precision hydrogen standard analysis solution gas generators are primarily designed for GC laboratory applications. The Precision series stands for the latest Peak Scientific innovation in on-demand gas generator design.
Genius 3010 Nitrogen generator from Peak Scientific is a a standalone system that produces nitrogen gas for single LC/MS applications. The generator is operated in a temperature range between 5°C and 35°C.
The digital pulse mixer from Glas Col can perform high or low speed pulse orbital mixing for Sample Prep Work and most other applications. This unit can accommodate a wide range of racks, glassware, well plates or reactor blocks for repeatable accurate results.
The Vrieco-Nauta Cyclomix high-shear mixer is dependent on a high speed rotating shaft which is located centrally and is driven from the mixer cover. Paddle-shaped mixing elements are present in the shaft, which rotate near to the vessel wall.
The horizontal paste mixer supplied by Hockmeyer is a rugged mixer designed for fast and efficient handling of heavy and large volumes of non-flowable, highly viscous materials.
Admesy’s Steropes offers efficient measurement results as it has excellent and stable lighting. The Steropes LED light source’s precision is controlled by a build-in colorimeter, therefore it is able to provide excellent stability of the light output.
TRENT, Inc. Plug Heaters are built to last and designed for quick installation. Compact and pre-packaged, TRENT Plug Heaters ensure faster cool-down and prolongs the heater life.
Polyscience offers Cryoprecipitate Bath that provides a safe and reliable way of thawing Fresh Frozen Plasma (FFP) for retrieving Cryoprecipitated Antihemophilic Factor (AHF).
Universal Industrial Plants Manufacturing manufacture Liquid Nitrogen Generators, Nitrogen Gas Generators and Liquid Nitrogen Gas Generators as per the latest technology & design of the Company, ING. L. & A., BOSCHI, ITALY ITALY. Specifications for the UBLN 10 are provided.
The MKF series Binder environmental simulation chamber is suitable for any cold and heat testing based on current temperature and climate testing methods based on the DIN and IEC standards.
The BINDER C 150 is a CO2 incubator for routine cell cultivation applications. The incubator is contamination free due to 180°C hot air sterilization, and is maintains consistent pH stability because of the drift-free infrared measuring system.
The NitroRide NR 250 generates nitrogen at a rate of 4380 litres/hr and features a 84 litre storage tank and triple high grade separation system.
Oerlikon Leybold Vacuum offers a complete range of single-stage, oil-sealed rotary vane vacuum pumps for industrial applications.
Peak Scientific's Infinity 50 series generator is designed for NMR, ELSD, sample evaporators, LC/MS/MS and LC/MS applications. It can be easily connected to an existing air supply, offering high performance and reliability of operations.
TRENT Electric Jackets assures dependable heat at temperatures not possible with steam or liquid heating methods.
Rubotherm’s product line MaxiCLAVE comprises autoclaves for high pressure and/or high temperature applications with different specifications and internal volumes.
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