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There are many processes and analytical techniques that require liquid nitrogen and other Gas generators to function properly. Having a liquid nitrogen generator on-site is both convenient and a necessary piece of infrastructure for these systems.
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Universal Industrial Plants Manufacturing manufacture Liquid Nitrogen Generators, Nitrogen Gas Generators and Liquid Nitrogen Gas Generators as per the latest technology & design of the Company, ING. L. & A., BOSCHI, ITALY ITALY. Specifications for the UBLN 10 are provided.
The StableFlow Hydrogen Control System supplied by Proton OnSite is a revolutionary product that enables plants to actively control generator casing hydrogen purity, dew point and pressure.
The NitroRide NR 250 generates nitrogen at a rate of 4380 litres/hr and features a 84 litre storage tank and triple high grade separation system.
The elan2 Office Liquid Nitrogen Generator has the ability to produce between 4.5 L and 5 L of liquid nitrogen every 24 hours. As the liquid nitrogen is produced from the air, it is stored in an internal 0.75 L reservoir or dewar, making dispensing the LN2 easy
Proton OnSite offers a series of automated on-site hydrogen generators in two integrated, site-ready enclosures.
Proton OnSite offers the S Series hydrogen generation systems that are capable of producing up to 1.05Nm3/hr (40scf/hr) of ultra-high purity hydrogen gas for a wide range of applications.
The N5P bench-top nitrogen generator available from Proton OnSite uses PSA technology with highly efficient hydrocarbon removal columns to generate clean nitrogen from external air source.