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Data loggers provide a convenient way for engineers to record measurements from sensors over long time periods. It is also common for data loggers to have multiple inputs so they can record from multiple sensors simultaneously. They often run on batteries which means they can be located remotely and negate the need for constant coupling to a computer or mains power.
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The DL850 ScopeCorder available from Yokogawa is a compact, waveform recording instrument designed for energy-saving applications.
The SBS-600 is an advanced data logger and graphical digital multimeter device that is capable of capturing data through logging and graphing capabilities in real time.
Delta-T Devices offers the GP2, a new robust 12 channel data logger designed to log a variety of sensors and accept inputs such as frequency, counter, bridge, potentiometer, current, resistance, voltage, and digital state inputs.
Delta-T Devices offers GP1 Data Logger, a complete logging solution with an internal memory capable of storing more than 600,000 readings. The battery-powered equipment is placed inside an IP67 enclosure.