Sensors, Detectors and Data Loggers

Sensors and detectors are a vital part of analysis systems providing information on the current state of the system in question. They may measure such properties are temperature, pressure, flow rate etc. While they may be plugged directly into a computer, data loggers provide an alternative method for recording data over long time periods without the need for direct coupling to a computer.
Featured Equipment
MX Immersion Circulator from PolyScience enables customers to create a circulating bath utilizing their own vessel or with a PolyScience open bath tank. It must be mounted on tanks with a depth of 18.4 cm or more.
Refrigerated/Heated Circulating Baths from PolyScience are lab-and operator-friendly circulating baths that set a new industry benchmark for performance, design and value. These latest generation circulating baths are offered in 40 different models.
For laboratory's liquid heating requirements, PolyScience provides nearly 50 different solutions, from full-featured circulating baths to economical open bath systems to a simple immersion circulator.
General purpose water baths from PolyScience are a sleek, user-friendly solution offering absolute control and precision. The cleanly designed addition provides straightforward operation.
6000 Series Portable Chillers from PolyScience provide steady and reliable cooling for several heat removal applications. It requires low maintenance thanks to the easy removal of readily accessible, reusable fluid and air filters for cleaning.
The SBS-H2 Hydrogen Detector is a complete hydrogen monitoring system having audible and visual alarms.
Other Equipment
The UCL-510 is precise and reliable, and integrates 4-20 mA output, 4 relays, and pump/valve controls in a compact sensor. It is perfect for dirty and corrosive applications, requires minimum maintenance and also reduces the related tank system hardware.
The SmartBob2 sensor from BinMaster is a highly accurate and smart inventory measurement system. It is a "bob" or "weight and cable" based level measurement system designed to handle continuous monitoring of the level of bulk solids and powders in tanks, bins and silos.
BinMaster’s vibrating rod is a piezoelectric driven vibration type level switch, which is designed to monitor low, mils, or high level in silos, bins, and hoppers containing powders or dry bulk solid materials.
The VOC-TRAQ total volatile organic compound (TVOC) detector is a very convenient way to record and monitor TVOCs using any personal computer with a Windows® operating system.
The 3DLevelScanner from BinMaster is capable of measuring multiple points within the bin. The non-contact, dust-penetrating technology used in the scanner is ideal for use with powders and bulk solids in silos, warehouse, tanks and open bins and piles.
The DL850 ScopeCorder available from Yokogawa is a compact, waveform recording instrument designed for energy-saving applications.
Delta-T Devices offers the GP2, a new robust 12 channel data logger designed to log a variety of sensors and accept inputs such as frequency, counter, bridge, potentiometer, current, resistance, voltage, and digital state inputs.
The CS215 probe supplied by Campbell Scientific can be employed for measuring relative humidity and temperature.
The tilt switch from BinMaster is ideal for monitoring heavy materials in silos, tanks and bins. It can also be used for identifying clogs or plugs in chutes while performing process operations.
BinMaster’s diaphragm switches or pressure switches are ideal for use with free flowing, dry granular, or pelleted materials, which are stored in hoppers, silos or bins.
ULVAC offers a magnetically coupled oil rotarty pump called GHD-031. The pump includes built-in check valve under the inlet port to prevent backflow.
PHOENIX L300i/L500i Series available from Oerlikon Leybold Vacuum are multipurpose helium leak detectors that are capable of detecting the lowest detectable local and integral leak rates. The systems are ideal for both service testing and series production.
Delteh furnace control systems are custom-designed with application-specific features. Every Deltech control system is ETL Certified by Intertek to conform to UL508A standards. Standard safety features include an emergency stop, door interlock, safety relay, and isolation switches.
Cool Eye Thermopile Arrays from Excelitas are developed for applications that require low resolution 3-D thermal images but without requiring expensive, high-resolution IR imaging cameras.
The MAX300-AIR is an advanced industrial gas analyzer specifically developed for environmental monitoring and regulatory compliance. A single analyzer is capable of measuring unlimited compounds and it can be automated to track more than 160 sample points, spread across the production site.
BinMaster’s capacitance probes are based on a timing method which compares the discharge time of the probe capacitance with the discharge time of a reference capacitance.
The LT-439 Dielectric Channel, available from Lambient Technologies, is a cost-effective device suitable for cure monitoring in Quality Control/Quality Assurance, R&D and in manufacturing of thermoset materials such as coatings, composites, paints, and resins.
The SBS-600 is an advanced data logger and graphical digital multimeter device that is capable of capturing data through logging and graphing capabilities in real time.
Delta-T Devices offers GP1 Data Logger, a complete logging solution with an internal memory capable of storing more than 600,000 readings. The battery-powered equipment is placed inside an IP67 enclosure.
The BinMaster rotary level indicator is capable of detecting low, mild, and high levels of solids in silos, bins and tanks.
CampBell Scientific offers the IR-100 and IR-120 sensors that provide highly accurate measurement of a remote surface’s temperature by sensing the emitted infrared radiation. During the measurement, the target is not affected.
Suitable for the widest range of routine thermal expansion measurements, the DIL 801 and DIL801L are horizontally configured single-sample dilatometers. The DIL 801 is designed for measurements under vacuum or inert gas while the DIL 801L is designed for measurements in air, making the DIL 801L ideally suited to measuring ceramic materials which are often processed in air.
DVS Vacuum is an advanced gravimetric system that is designed to support both dynamic and static experiments.
The LL-100 laser level measurement sensor, available from BinMaster, is used to monitor buildup, level control, and plugged chute detection. It can also be used to quantify levels in different vessels containing pellets, granular materials of all dielectric materials, or bulk solids.
The ExOsense™ sensor is a low-cost, non-intrusive liquid level sensor that has been specifically developed for plastic fluid containers.
The Open Path Air Monitoring System (OPS) available from Bruker is an advanced monitoring system based on the technique of Fourier-transform infrared spectroscopy.
The ultrasonic non-contact sensor created by BinMaster is ideal for nonstop, non-contact level measurement in bins, silos, conveyors and tanks.
The Excelitas range of Digital Thermopile Sensors offer a digital output and less number of external components is required reducing PCB space requirements and EMI resistance is improved.
Autoclaves from Bondtech consist of a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) and an optional advanced hookup capability, which will be provided upon request. A range of bespoke solutions are offered by Bondtech in order to address a variety of data processing requirements.
The BinMaster GWR-1000 level sensor is designed to measure bulk solids, liquids and powders that are within vessels up to 78’ in height. It uses state-of-the-art two-wire TDR measurement technology and the measurement data can be converted to a 4-20 mA output.