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The transmission electron microscope (TEM) operates on the same basic principles as the light microscope but uses electrons instead of light. What you can see with a light microscope is limited by the wavelength of light. TEMs use electrons as "light source" and their much lower wavelength makes it possible to get a resolution a thousand times better than with a light microscope.
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The surface properties of TEM support films will be modified by a glow discharge treatment with a specific gas atmosphere to optimize the adsorption of the solutions to be spread.
The FEI Tecnai family of transmission electron microscopes (TEMs) are designed to offer a truly universal imaging and analysis solution for life sciences, materials sciences, nanotechnology, and the semiconductor and data storage industries. With nearly twenty models to choose from, the Tecnai G2 Series combines modern technology with the stringent demands of an innovative scientific community.
Agar Scientific supplies uniform polystyrene particles from Nanospheres for size calibration and quantification in electron microscopy applications.
Transmission electron microscopes (TEM) can experience loss of image quality due to contamination in the beam or sample interaction area. Earlier, it was difficult to clean this part of the microscope and involved significant amount of cost and time.
The 300 kV HF-3300 TEM/STEM is a combination of cold field emission gun (CFEG) technology pioneered by Hitachi with novel functions such as parallel nanobeam electron diffraction, spatially-resolved EELS, and double-biprism electron holography.
The H-9500 300 kV transmission electron microscope is designed for supporting research on polymeric materials and solid state materials.
The HD-2700 dedicated STEM features the Hitachi developed spherical aberration correction system affording unmatched resolution and analytical sensitivity.
The FEI Morgagni 268(D) provides a great value-for-the-money transmission electron microscope (TEM) that is adaptable, easy-to-use and delivers excellent image quality.
Agar GO support films are manufactured in the company’s laboratories by a unique application method, are hydrophilic and ideally suited to imaging of small nanoparticles, nanowires and suspensions.