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The transmission electron microscope (TEM) operates on the same basic principles as the light microscope but uses electrons instead of light. What you can see with a light microscope is limited by the wavelength of light. TEMs use electrons as "light source" and their much lower wavelength makes it possible to get a resolution a thousand times better than with a light microscope.
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The 300 kV HF-3300 TEM/STEM is a combination of cold field emission gun (CFEG) technology pioneered by Hitachi with novel functions such as parallel nanobeam electron diffraction, spatially-resolved EELS, and double-biprism electron holography.
Agar GO support films are manufactured in the company’s laboratories by a unique application method, are hydrophilic and ideally suited to imaging of small nanoparticles, nanowires and suspensions.
The FEI Talos™ is a 200kV scanning/transmission electron microscope (S/TEM) that delivers fast, precise, quantitative characterization of nanomaterials in multiple dimensions. Designed from the ground up to be an entirely new TEM experience, FEI’s Talos F200 accelerates nanoscale discovery for everyone by delivering high quality S/TEM images and fast analytical data acquisition — all from an easy to use, automated operating platform.
Gatan’s OneView camera allows the use of a single camera to capture high quality 16 megapixel still video and images for transmission electron microscopy (TEM) applications.
Agar Scientific supplies uniform polystyrene particles from Nanospheres for size calibration and quantification in electron microscopy applications.
The next generation QUANTAX EDS from Bruker combines slim-line technology with a wide range of active areas for XFlash® 6 detectors.
The HD-2700 dedicated STEM features the Hitachi developed spherical aberration correction system affording unmatched resolution and analytical sensitivity.
The FEI Tecnai family of transmission electron microscopes (TEMs) are designed to offer a truly universal imaging and analysis solution for life sciences, materials sciences, nanotechnology, and the semiconductor and data storage industries. With nearly twenty models to choose from, the Tecnai G2 Series combines modern technology with the stringent demands of an innovative scientific community.
The H-9500 300 kV transmission electron microscope is designed for supporting research on polymeric materials and solid state materials.
Since its introduction in 2005, the Titan's superior product design and proven ability to deliver ground-breaking results have made it the preferred scanning/transmission electron microscope (S/TEM) of leading researchers around the world.
Cooling holders from Gatan are designed for monitoring in-situ phase transitions at low temperature and minimizing contamination resulting from carbon migration.