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A polariscope is an optical inspection device used to detect internal stresses in glass and other transparent materials such as plastics, synthetic resins, etc. A polariscope is composed chiefly of a light source and two crossed polarized lenses. The polariscope light source is mounted beneath one lens, and is powered by either self-contained batteries or an external power source. Material to be examined is placed between the two polariscope lenses and viewed through the lens opposite the light source lens.
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GEMMODUL is a series of modular gemological instruments that can be used alone or can be combined in one unit.
The Kassoy Polariscope is a quality alternative to higher-priced units.
The Polariscope is an essential tool for determining strain patterns developed during fabrication and manufacturing. It permits immediate determination of strains in most transparent materials. It is valuable in production or as a laboratory tool wherever glass is fabricated, welded or bent.
A desktop Polariscope with built in light source.
This device is designed for determining double refraction in flat blanks and products of transparent and weakly tinted materials, and is used for quantitative assessment of double refraction value by Senarmon method.