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Drop-weight testing (DWT) has potential for evaluating the velocity impact behaviour of materials. This testing gives significant ideas and information about failure mechanisms and behaviour of materials under impact.
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The advanced and popular DWTT-API-30/40/50K series Drop Weight Tear Impact Testing Machines can test 10 samples consecutively, utilizing a user-friendly and automatic feeding and control system. By initiating the test process by the operator, th
The DWT100-42 drop weight tear trester from Imatek features impact energy up to 103,000J requiring a floor-to-ceiling height of 7.5m (1000kg to 2500kg impact mass at 4.5m/s to 9.0m/s impact velocity)
The IM10T-30 drop weight impact tester from Imatek features impact energy up to 900J requiring a floor-to-ceiling height of 5.5m (5kg to 30kg impact mass at 1.0m/s to 7.7m/s impact velocity)
The i-Freeball 5100 falling dart impact tester launched by Labthink is a device used for evaluating the material’s impact resistance by ball or free falling dart method.
Drop weight tear tester (DWTT) offers a specimen breaking of M.S plate as per ASTM-E 436, API-RP 5 L3, ASTM-E 208 and DIN EN 10274. Drop Weight Tear Tester (DWTT) are known as Plate mill and saw pipe plant equipment.
The ZCJ2000 series Drop Weight Impact Testing Machine is suitable for performing DWTT or NDT test. The test method is to raise the striker to a specific height then release, free drop striker impacts the specimen and realize dynamic loading. It consists of the model ZCJ2303 and the model ZCJ2304.
The HIT230F Drop Weight Tester from Zwick is designed for multiaxial impact tests on plastics to ISO 6603-2, ASTM D 3763, ASTM D 3029 (Method B) at room temperature and in expanded temperature ranges and for pre-damaging composite plates for standard aerospace industry CAI (compression after impact) tests to Airbus AITM 1- 0010 /6-2005, Boeing 7260.