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Ferrography is a powerful tool used for oil analysis. It involves separating out solid particles from a lubricant and examining them under a microscope checking characteristics like particle size, concentration, composition, morphology and surface condition of the ferrous and non-ferrous wear particles. A skilled operator can classify the wear debris and make conclusions about the how much a piece of equipment is wearing as well as its performance and maintenance requirements.
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The SpectroT2FM Q500 analytical ferrography laboratory from Spectro Inc. is a comprehensive analytical tool for the separation and analysis of wear particles and contaminants in used lubricant oils, coolants, hydraulic fluids and fuels.
A Ferrography Laboratory for fast efficient, low cost separation and interpretation of wear and contaminant particles from used lubrication oils, hydraulic fluids, greases, coolants and fuels. In today’s modern power generation, manufacturing, refining, transportation, mining and military operations, the cost of equipment maintenance, service, and lubricants are ever increasing.
The Direct Reading Ferrograph is a quantitative measuring instrument for a wear particle analysis lab. The instrument bridges the gap between spectroscopy, lubricant condition monitoring and chip detectors.