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The Goodrich Flexometer is a device used for testing rubber and elastomeric materials. By applying a cyclic load and measuring sample temperature such things as time of cure, effect of pigmentation, anisotropy, heat generation during flexing as well softening and stiffening can be determined.
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The SATRA Bally flexometer is the internationally-accepted method for the assessment of the flexing endurance of light leathers and their surface finishes.
Controlled stress dynamic mechanical tester for cured rubber specimens. Measures heat generation and permanent set in compression as well as blow-out time. Also measures dynamic mechanical properties in compression.
Dynamic Testing Systems and Flexometer for high forces. The GABOMETER® series consist of 2 testing systems with maximum forces up to 2000 N and 4000 N.
By means of applying constant load and compression frequency to the test specimen, this instrument could help the user to understand the history of Heat Built-up and dynamic fatigue poeperties of rubber compounds.
The Goodrich Flexometer is a testing equipment long used in a wide range of areas and measures the heat build-up characteristics of a vulcanized rubber test piece when applied test amplitude by constant deflection (strain) control.