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In the materials industry, heat is commonly used in the processing of materials. Whether it be low heat to aid the curing of an adhesive, higher temperatures to heat treat metals or extreme temperatures to melt metals or sinter ceramics, the accurate measurement if temperature is of the utmost importance for process control and repeatability. Temperature sensors can also be used to detect heat losses and hence help improve the efficiency of a process.
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The new FluoTemp GT-HT temperature converter integrates high consistency, reliability and improved diagnostics even when exposed to high temperature and electro-magnetic interference (EMI) environments.
The microminiature refrigerators offered by MMR Technologies are compact, cryogenic gadgets which are designed exclusively for scientific applications.
The thermoMETER CT laser is a high performance temperature sensor with laser spot marking. The thermoMETER CTlaser sensors are used in industry for precision measurement tasks. Both the laser beams mark the actual measuring spot for any distance.
The K2000 Digital Temperature Controller is a convenient device that provides flexibility to conduct experiments using the cryogenic cooling and Joule-Thompson thermal stage systems of MMR Technologies.
MMR Technologies’ variable temperature micro probe systems (VTMPs) and low temperature micro probe systems (LTMPs) are designed to provide measurements of semiconductor materials such as amorphous silicon, gallium arsenide, mercury cadmium telluride or others across a broad temperature range of 70K to 730K.
UCAR metal-ceramic LT-l is a combination of a metal matrix, chromium, and a pure ceramic phase, aluminium oxide (alumina). It is composed 65% by volume of metallic phase and 35% by volume of ceramic phase. The material is slip cast, sintered, and then oxidised. Although the exact nature of the bond between the phases is not known, a physical-chemical bond may be formed through the sharing of oxygen by the chromium and the alumina. There is no evidence of wetting or solution.
ABB’s TTF300-W WirelessHART is a field-mounted temperature transmitter that can be used to add temperature measuring points during operations.
The Lake Shore 372 AC resistance bridge has an advanced design to cater to the needs of ultra-low temperature applications as several material characterization experiments require measurements to be conducted at cryogenic temperatures.
Photon Control offers a range of highly accurate temperature system converters, that can be paired with Immersion, Contact, or Life Science probes for specific application requirements. A probe and a converter must be selected and each system comes with downloadable analyzing software.
FLIR has developed the advanced T1030sc infrared camera for applications requiring rapid raw data streaming and high thermal sensitivity. The uncooled LWIR camera includes a highly sensitive HD detector and comes with customizable features.
Instron offers the latest range of 3119-600 Series environmental chambers that has been specifically developed for usage with dual column table model testing systems.
The new MP90 Melting Point System has been optimized for completion of the most diverse tasks and the highest throughput.