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Rubbers and elastomeric materials are characterized by their ability to undergo large amounts of deformation and then return to their original state. However, as temperatures drop, this ability is decreased until its glass transition temperature is reached. Cooling below this temperature will produce a stiff, brittle material. The temperature retraction or TR test involves stretching a rubber sample and cooling to -70°C and then measuring the retraction in length as the temperature in slowly increased. This type of testing is particularly important when rubber materials are exposed to cooler climates such as in Scandinavia.
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SP Lite2 has been designed for routine measurement of solar radiation. One can use SP Lite2 in all weather conditions. The solar energy received from the entire hemisphere is determined by the sensor.
EKT-TR100 TR-Low Temperature Retraction Tester is designed in accordance with ASTM D1329, ISO 2921 with fully automatic and computerized controlling system.