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Thermomechanical Analysis or TMA is a form of thermal analysis. It measures the change in dimension of a material with changing temperature while a load is applied. The technique is most often performed on polymeric materials and can yield results such as softening or glass transition temperature, expansion co-efficients, solid state transformations, melting behaviour, creep behaviour and curing. Further, depending on the set up, samples can be measured in expansion, penetration, bending, tension and swelling modes.
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Featured Equipment
TA Instruments’ Q600 Simultaneous TGA/DSC is a rugged, reliable, and sensitive thermal analyzer that provides research quality results on a wide range of samples over a wide range of temperature. The system allows independent TGA experiments to be performed on two samples concurrently.
Other Equipment
The smaller of the two models of DTUL/Vicat test equipment is the Model 303 HDTM and it can test three different specimens simultaneously, using an automated testing sequence that proceeds according to user defined control and configuration parameters.
The vertical optical dilatometer Misura® ODHT from Expert System Solutions is a non-contact device specifically designed to handle thermo mechanical measurements following the process of sintering, expansion, or bloating of materials and analyzing the sample across the whole industrial firing cycle.
With the TMA/SDTA840 you can measure dimensional changes of a sample as a function of temperature.
The heart of the TMA 402 Hyperion® is a highly precise inductive displacement transducer (LVDT). This technology has stood the test of time; it is also used for dilatometers and allows measurement of even the smallest of length changes, into the nanometer range (digital resolution of 0.125 nm).
The horizontal optical dilatometer Misura® ODLT designed by TA Instruments was launched in the market after patenting in 2001.
The new TMA incorporates true, high quality Swiss precision mechanics. Offering nanometer resolution, it can measure the very slightest dimensional changes in samples.
DMA25 is a desktop DMA offering a high force range up to 25N and outstanding flexibility from glass transition determination to immersed tests, which makes it a powerful thermomechanical testing platform.
The HP DSC 1 is a state-of-the-art high pressure DSC. This instrument allows you to measure samples under precisely defined atmospheres at overpressures of up to 10 MPa as a function of temperature and time.
The Model 603 HDTM is the larger of the two models of DTUL/Vicat test equipment and can test simultaneously up to six different specimens with the help of an automated testing sequence that proceeds based on user defined control and configuration parameters.