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When colloidal particles are dispersed in a solution they become electrically charged due to their ionic and dipolar characteristics. Zeta potential is a measure of particles attraction or repulsion. If the particles acquire a large positive or negatve zeta potential, they repel each other and form a stable suspension. Solutions are generally considered stable if they have a zeta potential of more than +30mV or less then -30mV. It should also be noted that zeta potential is highly dependent on pH. The point at which zeta potential reads 0mV is called the isoelectric point. Zeta potential is important in industries such as ceramics, minerals processing, water treatment, pharmaceuticals etc.
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Featured Equipment
The Zetasizer μV adds the power of advanced light scattering techniques to your laboratory to improve accuracy, reliability and ease of use for the characterization of protein solutions.
Other Equipment
The Nicomp 3000, a nanoparticle size analyzer from Particle Sizing Systems, is based on Dynamic Light Scattering or DLS technique. Dynamic Light Scattering is suitable for sizing proteins, nanoparticles, colloids, CMPs, inkjet inks, emulsions and other dispersions used in medicine and nanotechnology.
The Canty SolidSizer TS unit is a versatile tool for lab environments to determine particle size and shape, thereby eliminating the need for sieving. The system also has multiple configurations that allow color analysis and defect detection, as well as a tilting stage for flat particle analysis.
The Zetasizer Auto Plate Sampler automates Dynamic Light scattering measurements from samples in industry standard 96- or 384-well plates to add the power of advanced light scattering analysis to your laboratory. Automating the measurement procedure means that you can simply insert your plate of samples and press "start".
Malvern Instruments offers a low-cost zeta potential analyzer called Zetasizer Nano ZS90.
The Zetasizer WT from Malvern is a fully automated on-line zeta potential measurement system providing lab quality results. It offers real-time monitoring of efficient charge neutralization and flocculation process performance.