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A monochromator is an optical device that transmits a mechanically selectable narrow band of wavelengths of light or other radiation chosen from a wider range of wavelengths available at the input.
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Featured Equipment
The MS257 is a fully automated, highly efficient 1/4m instrument, versatile enough to satisfy most spectroscopy applications.
Optometrics Corp. has manufactured over 20,000 Mini-Chrom monochromators since their initial introduction in 1978. The majority have been incorporated into a variety of analytical and biomedical instruments made and marketed by leaders in their respective fields.
Other Equipment
HORIBA Scientific’s PTI RatioMaster is a monochromator-based wide-field microscope system designed for measuring ratio-fluorescence or fluorescence dye intensity of labeled proteins in nanomolar concentrations.
The PTI EasyRatioPro from Horiba Scientific is an advanced monochromator-based wide-field microscope system designed for measuring fluorescence dye intensity or ratio-fluorescence of labelled proteins in nanomolar concentrations.
Oriel offers the 74004 Cornerstone 130 1/8m motorized monochromator, which can support two gratings concurrently.
The Acton Standard Series of monochromators and spectrographs has long been known as the industry standard for delivering the highest quality data for research labs worldwide.