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Lap Laser has developed a high precision measurement system called THICK CHECK. This turn-key solution offers up to seven measurement tracks and covers product widths measuring up to 3 m.
The DM5E series wall thickness gages enables you to accomplish a large number of demanding tasks, especially with remaining wall thickness measurements on components subjected to corrosion and erosion.
MTI Instruments offers Proforma 300SA, a semi-automated metrology system employed in thickness measurement for semi-insulating and semiconducting wafer materials.
Lap Laser has designed a turnkey solution called PROFI Check System for estimation of thickness profile. Owing to the movable sensors, PROFI CHECK systems include countless number of measurement tracks on the manufactured material.
The Proforma 300i wafer metrology system supplied by MTI Instruments is a manual, non-contact measurement system designed to measure wafers up to 300mm in diameter for both thickness and total thickness variation (TTV).
LAP Lasers’ CALIX series is the first range of sensors designed for differential thickness measurement.
The easy-to-use, stand-alone digital ultrasonic pipe wall thickness gauge is an indispensable tool in accurate clamp-on ultrasonic flow measurement.