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A thin film is a layer of material ranging from fractions of a nanometre (monolayer) to several micrometres in thickness. Electronic semiconductor devices and optical coatings are the main applications benefiting from thin film construction.
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The WT-2000PVN is a tabletop measurement system, capable of performing a variety of measurements on PV cells, wafers, and blocks. The base system includes the overhead functions, and you configure the measurement capabilities to match your specific needs.
The PT-5 panel tester Gen5 is designed to measure properties of thin film solar cells that meet the GEN-5 standard. It incorporates an ellipsometer, a non-contact resistivity mapper and a haze meter.
The MSP100 Microspectrophotometer and Thin Film Measurement System is used to characterize optical properties of thin films, thick coatings over a micron region area.
The Semilab AMS 3300 uses the exclusive SurfaceWave™ technology to measure the thickness and uniformity of thin film metals and dielectrics. It's a low cost but powerful product built expressly for copper, low k materials.
The SR300 Spectroscopic Reflectometer & Film Thickness Measurement System can be used to measure the film thickness, refractive index, reflection, transmission and absorption spectra of thin films and coatings.
VG Scienta offers an advanced and highly sensitive membrane permeation measurement instrument called VacuTRAN.
The Angstrom Sun Technologies Integrated Solution for In-Line Film Thickness Monitoring with Spectroscopic Reflectometer is an easy to use system for monitoring film thickness and refractive index.
EP5, EP12 and EP20 tools from Semilab are based on Ellipsometric porosimetry (EP) having various degree of automation and wafer size capabilities. EP measures the change of the optical properties and thickness of the materials during adsorption and desorption of either an organic solvent or water at reduced pressure.
The SRM100 Film Thickness Mapping Measurement System can measure the film thickness and refractive index across samples as big as 300x300mm. Features and applications are provided herein.